Grinch Winner


By St. gnick

Worms are a problem that plague all involved
And even with preparation are not easily solved

The prescription here is just the tip of the ice
But it may help to separate the naughty and nice

 1) Because worms can cause problems, I'd like you to share
 The proactive steps an org can take to prepare.

The first thing to do is to educate users
Any worm can prey on ignorant losers

Next keep systems patched and A-V progs updated
And Windows machines should be quickly upgraded

Tripwire will keep sys-files un-polluted
And ensure that security policies are not convoluted

 2) After preparing, suppose a worm gets released.
 What do you do to make sure damage is decreased?

The first thing you need is a good quarantine
And to notify quickly the Incident Response team

Ghost the hurt drive and try to decide
How the worm got in - On what did it ride?

Notify users of how they may be hit
Not acting quickly will lead to deep stuff

 3) Beyond any one agency, corp, group, or firm,
 How can the whole community stop such a worm?

Do not spread anything that you don't know to be fair
And when something turns up, tell others 'Beware!'

Once everyone knows what files are impure
Some bright person will discover a cure

When the cure is discovered, spread the word quick
And help save good computers from coming up sick

 4) If no Grinch sends a Christmas Eve worm this fine year,
 Tell me, what will you do to spread holiday cheer?

Time with my family will bring us great cheer
As we exchange some presents and throw down some beer

But the best part is knowing that my computer's prepared
For whatever attack may or may not be bared

So if the Grinch rears his head, I will not take fright
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

-Saint gnick